Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheongsam: Cherry Seeds

Festive, modern, with a touch of tradition.

Playful, twirly, yet demure.

With its qualities of both modern and traditional, this dress whirls effortlessly from the primness of a customary tea ceremony to the liveliness of a casual dance party.

There are many things that I feel excited about this little dress. There's this darling neckline adorned with red silky edges and 3 pairs of the most adorable frog buttons in the shape of Chinese melons. The wide sash that ties as a big red bow behind...

And the light frills that edge the bottom of the full skirt.
Of course the little detachable brooch at the sash is pretty cute too, which matches well with its hairclip (the airhead in me forgot to snap pictures of the hairclip)

Cheongsam: Cherry Seeds
Materials: 100% Japanese cotton, satin bias tape, satin Chinese frog buttons, satin ribbons, polyester frills

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