Thursday, February 2, 2012

Korean Hanbok

Besides Chinese Cheongsam, the Korean Hanbok is one of my most favourite traditional outfit :-)

I did my research and sewed it as close as possible to the traditional outfit.

Here's the outer jacket called jeogori. Materials used are 100% imported cotton and imported Taiwan sequin lace. I totally heart this sequin lace, and am beating myself up for not buying more to stash away. I tied the red ties, otkorum, the correct traditional way.
With it's dress, chima, the Korean Hanbok is complete. I used thick but cooling Chinese brocade. Chinese brocade is expensive but it provides richness to its outlook and fullness to the skirt. This brocade design is the perfect match for the Taiwan sequins on the outer jacket :-). Hope Mummy J and little Princess G love the outfit as much as I do :-).

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