Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Wheee!!!" Dress: Fuchsia

Thanks to Elaine, this dress now has a name. A "Wheee!!!" Dress :-).

It's essentially a circle dress :-). With a full skirt, great for swirling, great for going "wheeeeeee!!!". A great dinner dress, party dress, dance dress, or simply a dress a princess will adore. My little princess does adore this dress, as you can see from the pictures here :-).
I've sewed fuchsia trimmings at the edge of the skirt, for a playful touch and volume. Looks striking too! Look at the beautiful layers. This dress comes with a matching hairband, adorned by an adorable fuchsia flower. Code: GD0006
"Wheee!!!" Dress: Fuchsia (including matching flower hairband)

100% cotton, polyester trims, satin tape.

90cm - 140cm

Going for:
Size 90cm - 110cm: RM 75 (including matching flower hairband)
Size 120cm - 140cm: RM 80 (including matching flower hairband)

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Anonymous said...

Nice dress! Ready stock?

nivnivhandmade said...

No, this is made to order with your preferred size. Please email to should you wish to place one :-).

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