Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hairclip: Roses

Red and Pinks ~Blues ~Summer Colours ~Detailed shot ~Back of the hairclip ~My 3 year old modeling the Orange piece :-)Code: HS0006
Hairclip: Roses
- Pink
- Red
- Hot Pink
- Dark Blue
- Blue - All sold (no remake)
- Light Blue - All sold (no remake)
- Deep Red - All sold (no remake)
- Orange - All sold (no remake)
- Yellow - All sold (no remake)

Size: 2.5 in in length, 1.5 in width
Materials: Felt & snapclip
Each item is fully sewn by hand

Going for: RM 10 each
To see how pretty Qiqi looks with the rose clip on her hairbun to her ballet classes, click here :-).

(C) Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally written and published for nivnivhandmade.blogspot.com. All images and text cannot be republished without expressed written permission.


LittleLamb said...

Congrats on your e-store. Wish you Sang Yi Hing Loong.

Hope to see some boy's stuff soon ya.

nivnivhandmade said...

Thanks! Yup... in the pipeline! :-D.

chinnee said...

Pei Yi, can i order 3 of the light pink hair clips?

nivnivhandmade said...

Thanks, Chin Nee :-). I've sent you an email.

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