Friday, July 23, 2010

Hairclip: Fluttering Hearts

Fluttering Heart hairclips are great for both little girls and big girls :-). Hairclips are sold in pairs. Hot Pink ~
Electric Blue ~Sunshine Yellow ~
Mossy Green ~My 3 year old looking bright and sunny with Electric Blue Fluttering Heart hairclips on her locks :-). Code: HS0002
Hairclips: Fluttering Hearts (sold in pairs)
- Shocking pink
- Electric Blue
- Sunshine Yellow
- Mossy Green

Size: 2.5 in length
Materials: Felt, embroidery thread, snapclip
These hairclips are fully sewn and embroidered by hand.

Going for: RM 10/ pair
All sold!
Please allow 1 -2 weeks for remake.

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