Friday, July 23, 2010

Hairclip: Heart & Ribbons

Hairclips for the hair. Looks sweet on your little girl and even on you!

Yellow ~

Deep Red~Orange ~

Hot Pink ~ Blue ~Green ~
Cherry pink ~
Back viewThis is my 3 year old modeling the Hot Pink Heart and Ribbons hairclip :-)

Code: HS0001
Hairclip: Heart & Ribbon
Deep red - All sold (no more remake)
Orange - All sold (no more remake)
Hot pink - Left one only (clips on the right side)
Cherry pink

Size: 2.5 in across
Materials: Felt, ribbons, button, snapclip
These hairclips are fully sewn by hand.


Going for: RM 7 each
Note: These hairclips clips on the right side of your head; please state which side you want to clip on when ordering.

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